Splits vs Full Body – What Should You Be Doing?

Splits vs Full Body – What Should You Be Doing?

One of the most frequent questions that we ask ourselves while we do our daily routine has to do about what is the best method to exercise. ¿A total body training or a body split part?

While both of them have their ups and downs, the efficiency of each method depends highly on the person and the way he’s doing the exercises. On the other hand, there are people that find both methods great, so is also something that has to do with the way you exercise.

But before entering the subject, is important to know at least how these methods work and what are their differences.

What is it

Now while a body split means that you will only train one or two muscles per workout, (or even one or two body parts) this means that you’ll focus your section in training these muscles in particular.

On the other hand, total body training is classified as the more traditional way to workout, that is, of course, an exercise from each important part of the body in one workout. This means working on the shoulders or chest, then the gluteus and other parts of the leg.

Now that we know a little more of both types of training, let’s see their qualities and how they compare.

The Pros

The advantage of full body training could be the fact that most personal trainers agree that is the best method if you are starting to work out, is also great to incorporate new exercises like strongman stuff and many other methods, making it very versatile.

Full body training is also a great way to lose extra weight. Since you work out a lot of parts of your body you burn more calories and start your fat loss. Also, a good feature of full body training is the fact that is much easier to add supersets. And this has proven to save a lot of time.

The Cons

But Full body training also has downsides, like if you are working out to be buffier and muscular, with full body training could be a slow process since you don’t work in a specific muscle group and it takes a while to see the results

Now, split training is more intense and hard, no matter if you are starting working out or you have experience. Not to mention that with this method your muscles can have more time to heal and recover since you are only focusing on one group of your body.

Now is also known that split training is by far the go-to choice if you are looking for bodybuilding and get results quicker. As well split training is better if you are planning to train through the week.

Now since you are working only with some muscles in particular. You might feel these muscles tired after the first exercises, this could end up reducing your exercises. Not to mention that since this is a more intense choice, you’ll need multiple days a week to train.

Both methods are well known for any gym-goer and how the performance in each person is different, so is a matter of choice and what suits you the best.