These Are the 4 Most Luxurious Gyms in the World

These Are the 4 Most Luxurious Gyms in the World

When you are in the middle of your daily workout and you are looking around and observing closely your gym. ¿Do you ever think what would it be if you were training in the fanciest and best gym in the world?

That is a normal question to make, but what would be the features that a gym should have to be considered “Luxurious”. Not to mention, ¿how much are you and other members willing to pay to stay one year or a basic membership there?

It’s time to solve these questions because we are going to travel around the world in this article and we are going to observe closely the most expensive and luxurious gyms in the world.

“Tiger” Muay Thai Gym

We start in a good foot with this mouth dropping gym located in the surroundings of Thailand. If you think closely about Thailand you might be familiar about their folklore and the importance of the martial arts for them.

Being part of their culture, Thailand is proud to show the best gym to train martial arts, that is, of course, the Tiger Muay Thai Gym. Take a deep breath when you know that the year of membership in this place can go up to 3.000$, but is worth knowing that you would learn the best techniques in martial arts.

Gold’s Gym CA.

While you might be familiar with the franchise of gyms called “Gold’s Gym”. You might think first about the place for bodybuilders and other types of workout. But this Gold’s Gym, in particular, has something that makes it the best from the rest.

Let’s start by saying that this gym is promoted as one of the best places to train in the world since it has the best personal trainers in the world. They would be more than ready to work with you and turn you a piece of art, but is important to remember that a year of membership in this place can cost you about 10.000$.

The Houstonian Club

Now the Houstonian Club is something that only the people of Houston can enjoy. This gym is massive and, is considered as one of the biggest gyms in the world. But his price is also quite big. For about 24.000$ you can start your training and an additional 300$ monthly to maintain your membership.

But the facilities and features of the Houstonian Club are something to admire too. By having more than six tennis courts and multiple pools, the Houstonian is remembered for their infrastructure and for even having a boxing ring.

La Mamounia

Now we have talked about gyms for bodybuilders and boxing cages. But La Mamounia is a gym that is more centered on the practice of Yoga and Pilates. As well as fitness classes and other events that can prove a fusion of relaxation and workout.

La Mamounia is also remembered for their green spaces and amazing view, which can delight more than one person while they perform their routine.

Now with these gyms being available around the world and providing a great upgrade for your body and routine. Not to mention the features and classes that you can get there. But of course, that is if you can pay them.