About Buscador de Gimnasios

Buscador de Gimnasios is a blog made especially for helping each reader that wishes to get into the world of fitness and nutrition. Buscador de Gimnasios is more of a place for you to learn to take care of your body and read about the best nutrients that your body needs to grow healthy.

My name is Zachary Gonzalez, and all my life I’ve been focused on my body and how to be the best version of myself. With knowing the basics of nutrition I knew that would be an important factor in my journey to exercise and become better at it.

With time, I started to get more into diets and start writing about the best recipes and methods that can prove useful to develop more results on my body. After I realize that I had a lot of useful material in this area, I created Buscador de Gimnasios, a blog where I can share all this information with any interested reader.

Buscador de Gimnasios is a lot more than just having the perfect and balanced nutrition or how to reach a good method or routine for exercise. It is also about sharing articles that can prove interesting to the daily readers that seek for something new rather than just the same gym content that other websites have.